From the village of Sarratt, to surrounding Towns & Villages, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire & The Whole World, the WD3 Area, including Rickmansworth, Chorleywood, Croxley Green and all surrounding areas has its own on-line local radio station. 


Since the start of the Lockdown in March 2020, 2 Metres Apart Sound & Vision Radio has been broadcasting from the village of Sarratt, attracting an ever growing local audience, as well as also gaining listeners around the UK and throughout the World.


This unique style of on-line Radio, incorporating video as well as audio, was born as a result of my wife, Mandy, & I losing our event and entertainment business. It started as a way to occupy our days and to distract ourselves from the new reality in our lives, as a consequence of the Pandemic. We have converted our home into a radio and TV studio. 


Until now, 2m Apart Sound & Vision Radio has been purely a vocational endeavour, impressively attracting over 30,000 visitors so far. It has almost 2,000 regular local listeners, many of whom regularly express how significant the Radio Stream has been for them, helping them to feel connected and less isolated from their local community.


With support of many of our friends, and dedicated fans and loyal supporters of 2m Apart, we are focusing on growing the number of local listeners, ensuring that the programming will have ever increasing relevance for all types of local residence. Local businesses, organisations and individuals will be encouraged to get involved to be a part of 2m Apart. Any ideas from the local community will be considered gladly.


The main ingredient of the Radio Show will always be great music, however the new programming will also include regular features on subjects such as local news, local property, gardening, cooking, eating out and health & wellbeing. 

Mandys' Visors are all made by hand and most designs are totally unique. When you browse the current range, please note that the range can change entirely from one day to the next.

The moment that any individual Visor is selected and ordered, that's it, it's gone. So keep coming back here to see what new designs have been released.