2m Apart Unique Event Space

One of our most significant ideas is to also use our main home living area as an event space. We have redesigned our open kitchen and lounge to accommodate many types of events, all of which could take place along side our radio show, as it is being broadcast at the same time.  


In other words, guests attending an event in our home will likely be captured on video, and shared to the world as part of 2m Apart live stream. This characteristic is what we believe makes our event space novel and unique. We also believe that our enterprise, born out of the reality of our present life, will be characteristic, possibly even a new trend, reflective to a post Covid 19 era.


With a limited capacity of just 10 guests, we are inviting you and our entire  network of friends and family to come to any of our various events that we have scheduled. These include Our Breakfast Club, and occasional Lunch and Dinner Experiences. Mandy will be resident Cook but we will also be inviting local Chefs to produce occasional Lunches and Dinner Parties. 


Additionally, we will schedule other events such as Karaoke Nights, Silent Discos, Live Music Evenings, Comedy Nights, Game Evenings and various Music Themed evenings, such as an 80s Night, 70s Disco or House Music Session.


We will also be producing Themed Parties, such as for Halloween, Christmas and New Years Eve. Our other event ideas include content for Children, such as Slime Making Parties or various Arts and Craft sessions.


The Event Space will also be available for private hire, potentially ideal for occasions like 

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Hen & Stag Nights, Baby Showers or Kids Parties. It could also be viable for work shops, cooking classes, or meetings.


Over the coming winter months our programme will provide various types of events you can join us for. Your patronage would be greatly appreciated, contributing to our business objectives, to make 2m Apart become commercially viable.